SolarWinds MSP
SolarWinds MSP is the world’s leading integrated IT Service Management platform provider, helping thousands of IT professionals across the world.

SolarWinds MSP is the global market leader in the delivery of integrated cloud-based IT Service Management solutions to Managed Service Providers and end user businesses. SolarWinds MSP solutions include wide product range specifically designed for Managed Service Providers deliver highly accessible and scalable SaaS technologies under a subscription model.
Solarwinds MSP is the world’s most widely-trusted managed service provider & backing of a 20 000-strong community and the industry vision to define and deliver the future of the MSP market.


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SolarWinds MSP Remote Monitoring & Management

SolarWinds MSP Remote Monitoring & Management is the most successful and widely-adopted Managed Service Provider (MSP) platform in the world with over 20,000 monthly subscription customers in more than 100 countries and hundreds of new MSP’s choosing SolarWinds MSP as their delivery partner each and every month.

SolarWinds MSP Remote Monitoring & Management platform helps IT Support Companies and MSPs to grow monthly revenues from existing customers, attract new customers with affordable, high value, easy-to-use services and deliver proactive, cost-efficient services that help you grow your business profitably.

  • MSP tools
  • RMM
  • Backup
  • Mail Security
  • ServiceDesk

SolarWinds MSP backup & Recovery

SolarWinds MSP Backup & Recovery- fast, reliable, automatic, offsite, secure backup and disaster recovery to make your life easier! No more worrying about on-premised backup failure, or someone missing a crucial tape backup. The days of lost customer data are gone! SolarWinds MSP Backup & Recovery is one of the leading brands in Hybrid Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery Software and cloud storage for managed services providers (MSPs), large enterprises, telecommunication- and hosting providers.

  • Backup Solutions
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Data Archiving