Founded in 2009, 42Gears today has over 18000+ happy customers spread across 115 countries around the world. We've successfully deployed 5M+ devices and work with 130+ technology partners worldwide.

42Gears is a leading, Gartner-recognized Unified Endpoint Management solution provider. 42Gears’ UEM solution, SureMDM, helps secure, monitor, and manage tablets, phones, desktops, wearables, VR, and not-so-smart devices. SureMDM supports Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms.

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SureMDM, powered by 42Gears UEM, is a tool for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), applicable to use with Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. An easy-to-use, powerful tool helps manage all company-owned devices, including the ones owned by employees who can access company data (BYOD), or any other devices for dedicated use within the company. SureMDM allows to easily manage, secure and keep an eye on company devices using unified endpoint management, including Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management, and Mobile Content Management.