Utimaco’s Atalla AT1000 receives PCI 3.0 certification

Utimaco is proud to announce Atalla AT1000, a PCI 3.0 (PCI PTS HSM v3.0)-compliant Hardware Security Module (HSM).


Atalla AT1000 is a payment HSM designed to protect sensitive data and associated keys for non-cash retail payment transactions and cryptographic keys. The PCI 3.0 certification was awarded for the most demanding application profile, focusing on physical security when used in controlled and uncontrolled environments like non-ISO certified data centers. This makes Atalla AT1000 the perfect solution for a wide range of customers and use cases, from established and controlled banking systems up to instant card issuance solutions in bank branches, so-called uncontrolled environments.


This launch is the first product evolution since Utimaco acquired the Atalla line of HSMs from Micro Focus in 2018 to strengthen its position in the payment and banking industry. It is a testament to Utimaco’s strong commitment to investing in the Atalla portfolio and to its goal of serving the demand of banks, financial service providers and merchants for secure and innovative solutions supporting their business.


Learn more about Utimaco’s Atalla AT1000 HSM

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