March 14, 2016
Real-Time Architecture release

LogicNow introduced Real-Time Architecture with MAX Remote Management

Maxfocus stepped another big step in the evolution of Max Remote Management. First in the Market, they introduced to their customers Real-time Architecture. New enchantments is just a first step of what is going to be a future of Remote Monitoring and Management platforms.
MAX Remote Management is currently the largest ITSM platform with more than 15,000 customers worldwide. It’s used by tens of thousands of engineers to manage hundreds of thousands of networks and millions of endpoints. And it processes billions of emails and terabytes of data each month. What a foundation for data-driven automation! You’ve already heard about LOGICcards, which is how we’re using this data to enable you to deliver IT services in a smarter and more efficient way.
But there’s much more ahead. For over a year now, they have been making a major investment to re-architect software infrastructure to ultimately deliver real-time device communication at scale. This will make for an infinitely more responsive platform that scales to more than a 100 million devices, and that allows you to deliver much more proactive service for your clients.
This real-time architecture is a platform for the future, and now they took the first major step. They have just released a new Windows agent (v10) that allows you to start taking advantage of real-time capabilities. This first release is all about faster actions in the dashboard. Here’s what that means:
• Actions related to Checks and Tasks take place in real-time.
• Deploying user-defined scripts takes just a few minutes instead of waiting two check cycles to see results.
• Checks added or edited will be applied and run immediately, uploading real-time results to the dashboard.
• Running a Task manually in the dashboard happens in real-time.
• 24×7 Check frequency can now be set to 5, 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes for Servers and Workstations.
• New graphical charts within the “More Information” dialogue.

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Keep in mind that’s only the first release and this new real-time architecture will continue to improve over the coming months.
How will a real-time architecture help you over time?
• Drive more service revenue – The reality is that 15-minute intervals are no longer acceptable. Your customers expect more. Greater responsiveness is your key to more service revenue.
• Close more sales – With our layered security model LOGICcards, you already have a highly differentiated platform at your fingertips. We’re now making it ultra-responsive.
• Reduce customer churn – Keep your customers happy with proactive, highly responsive service, and demonstrate more value as you ride the innovation wave with MAX Remote Management.
That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more on real-time monitoring in the coming weeks and months.
Let us know what you think of LOGICnow’s real-time architecture by posting a comment below. We’re always listening.

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