August 13, 2019
First commercial quantum-safe Hardware Security Module

Utimaco and ISARA security solutions collaborates to offer the world’s first commercial quantum-safe Hardware Security Module to secure data and infrastructure against an attack by a quantum computer.

Utimaco Q-safe firmware extension to the Utimaco CryptoServer enables enterprises and cybersecurity solution providers to begin migrating to quantum-safe security today and facilitates widespread development of quantum-safe products.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology forecasts that current public key cryptography will be vulnerable to attack by large-scale quantum computers within the next decade. In practice this means that all connected devices currently considered to be secure could be compromised in the near future unless action is taken today. This is especially relevant for human identity documents and critical infrastructures as well as durable Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as connected cars, smart homes, connected cities, FinTech and blockchain applications.

Interested parties can download the Q-safe firmware extension and evaluate it as part of the Utimaco HSM Simulator:


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